Author: Magnus

How to submit your music to Spotify

Now you’ve written that smash hit and want the world to hear it. So how do you get it to Spotify? When you say you want to upload to Spotify you usually mean you want to upload to the increasing number of streaming sites that exist; Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook , TikTok/Resso, YouTube Music, Amazon, Soundtrack by […]

How to be your own DIY Record Label

In the good old days being signed meant the artist got paid by the record company. Today it means the artist pays the record company. The music industry has radically changed in the past years. You probably know that already. Same thing has happened with the job of a musician and a producer. And yet, […]

New release from “The Musicians” on Spotify

“Musicians” featuring Magnus Svanfeldt, Sweden, Candace Smith, USA, Mr. Happiness, USA, Therese Francess Claire, Philippines, Antonio Estrada, Japan, Chiron Story, USA, by_jonjon, USA, Clinton Clark, USA, zacworld, USA & MunDhi, India. The song is an international collaboration celebrating all musicians that are facing a hard time at the moment. Produced by MSM Music

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