Author: Magnus

New release from “The Musicians” on Spotify

“Musicians” featuring Magnus Svanfeldt, Sweden, Candace Smith, USA, Mr. Happiness, USA, Therese Francess Claire, Philippines, Antonio Estrada, Japan, Chiron Story, USA, by_jonjon, USA, Clinton Clark, USA, zacworld, USA & MunDhi, India. The song is an international collaboration celebrating all musicians that are facing a hard time at the moment. Produced by MSM Music

How to mix your vocals professionally

This tutorial will cover the following: What is a DAW? How to choose a DAW Iphone: Garageband Android: BandLab Advanced option: Cubase Comping Compressor EQ Reverb/Delay Gate DeEsser Saturation Auto-tune/Melodyne Panning Stems and harmonies What is a DAW? To mix your vocals you need a DAW. The Digital Audio Workstation is a mixer board in your computer […]

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