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New release from “The Musicians” on Spotify

“Musicians” featuring Magnus Svanfeldt, Sweden, Candace Smith, USA, Mr. Happiness, USA, Therese Francess Claire, Philippines, Antonio Estrada, Japan, Chiron Story, USA, by_jonjon, USA, Clinton Clark, USA, zacworld, USA & MunDhi, India. The song is an international collaboration celebrating all musicians that are facing a hard time at the moment. Produced by MSM Music

How to record great vocals on your smartphone

Smartphones don’t have fantastic built-in microphones. But even before you start downloading apps and buying products, you can take a few steps to maximize the quality of the incoming audio. But if you have a reasonably modern smartphone, you have all you need to record great audio without an external microphone. If you’re just starting out, you […]

How to mix your vocals professionally

This tutorial will cover the following: What is a DAW? How to choose a DAW Iphone: Garageband Android: BandLab Advanced option: Cubase Comping Compressor EQ Reverb/Delay Gate DeEsser Saturation Auto-tune/Melodyne Panning Stems and harmonies What is a DAW? To mix your vocals you need a DAW. The Digital Audio Workstation is a mixer board in your computer […]

How to write your second hit song

Now, you’ve written that first song and started writing the next. And all the other ones for that next album. Where to begin? How to get inspiration? How to wrap it up? The best way is to write a lot of songs and eventually you know the racket. But here’re some tips about how to […]

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