Welcome to MSM Music


Check out these tutorials. Videos or written.

  • How to practice singing
  • How to do great vocal recordings
  • How to record demos on your smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  • How to mix professionally
  • How to write a hit song
  • How to submit your music to Spotify
  • How to be your own DIY record label
  • How to grow your fanbase organically on social media

Music Production

MSM-Music is an online Music studio. We will help you online to take your song from vocal idea to a radio ready song. We produce your song from start to finish.

Mixing & Mastering

We do Mixing, Mastering, Audio Editing, Vocal Tuning

Songwriting Services

We’ll do everything from arranging your idea to composing and writing lyrics from scratch.


We’ll add live or digital instruments to your song.

  • Drums & Percussion
  • Bass, Guitars & Keys
  • Male and female vocals and backing vocals.

Just record your idea and send it to us.
Fixed price list, fast delivery.

Let’s make music /Magnus at MSM-Music

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