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How to mix your vocals professionally

This tutorial will cover the following: What is a DAW? How to choose a DAW Iphone: Garageband Android: BandLab Advanced option: Cubase Comping Compressor EQ Reverb/Delay Gate DeEsser Saturation Auto-tune/Melodyne Panning Stems and harmonies What is a DAW? To mix your vocals you need a DAW. The Digital Audio Workstation is a mixer board in your computer […]

Listen to the clients

Shannon, Canada: “…Magnus it’s great. The music is so wonderful. It’s really good. Thank you for another awesome collaboration” Hannah, USA: “Wow! This is great! Amazing work once again! Thank you so much!” Emily, USA: Grace, Netherlands: Some songs on Spotify

I will arrange, record and produce your song

I will arrange, record and produce your song. Click here Let me help you turn your song into reality. Just send me a basic recording together with lyrics and chords. Basic pack includes: 4 programmed instruments of your choice as drums or beats, bass, programmed keyboards or piano, guitar or lead guitar. Basic mix (just […]

New single out

Lots of time composing and recording lately. Here’s a first sample of what’s to come. The Road. written and performed by Magnus Svanfeldt Listen on spotify  

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