We will arrange, record and produce your song – Premium




Let us help you turn your song into reality. Just send us a basic recording together with lyrics and chords.

Premium pack includes: 20 programmed instruments as drums or beats, bass, keyboards, piano, rhytmic guitar, lead guitar, pads, organ, horns. I will create your chord progression if you don’t have it.
4 real instrumenst like drums, bass, keyboards, piano, rhythmic guitar, lead guitar.
Backing vocals
FULL MIX , meaning adding the right FX and EQ to each channel.
individual wav files.

Mixing; I have been playing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering songs for many years,  As a singer songer writer I mix and master myself to get the song the way I want.
Let me mix and master your song the way YOU want.

Mastering; Your song will be “radio ready” or rather distributor ready. That means that it will be a high quality audio file with enough sample rate and bit rate. It will also be loud enough.  Personally, I don’t fancy the loudness war that goes on out there but if your song has particularly less loudness than other songs on Spotify you will face problems when people can’t hear your song at normal volume level. The song will be mastered at sample rate 44,1 kHz, bit rate 16 bit and -14 lufs.

We will arrange, record and produce your song – Premium
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