eBook: How to record great vocals on your smartphone





Smartphones don’t have fantastic built-in microphones. But even before you start downloading apps and buying products, you can take a few steps to maximize the quality of the incoming audio.

But if you have a reasonably modern smartphone, you have all you need to record great audio without an external microphone.

If you’re just starting out, you may not want to spend hundreds of dollars on recording equipment to do this. You may be wondering, “How do I record myself singing — and still sound good — with only tools I already have?”

A few changes can make a huge difference to your phone’s ability to capture high-quality sound. Just tweak some settings, download a couple of well-chosen add-ons. Here are the apps and gadgets you’ll need.

These topics will be covered in this tutorial.

  • Simple Tricks to Record Great Audio with Your Phone
  • Best Apps for recording singing with your smartphone
  • Settings to improve the recording quality
  • Multitrack recording
  • Microphones
  • Next Steps – sound card and DAW
eBook: How to record great vocals on your smartphone
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